WFS Simple Contact Form

October 11, 2013
Version: 0.6
Release: 2013/12/30

This plugin helps users to easily add the contact form to their wordpress site by widget, page, post.


  • Add contact form to widget, page, post
  • Form includes: name, email, subject and message
  • AJAX submit message
  • (New) Send email to configured email list (WordPress must have permission to send mail)
  • (New) Multi-languages support
  • Support notification when submit message:
    • Check required fields
    • Check email format
    • Check over-date status if user leave form too long (> 10 minutes)
  • Admin panel:
    • Page navigator
    • Messages include READ and Un-READ messages
    • Support search only ‘un-read’ message
    • Message will be READ when user open it
    • Support deleting each message
    • Support adding note to each message